At AD Merchandise we’re fiercely passionate about the power of promotional material and the effect it has on your brand. Whether you call it merchandise, freebies or giveaways, you can’t deny that everyone loves receiving gifts. That’s what makes them so powerful. Here we demonstrate the value of using such products, and how they can make you Brand Happy.

92% of people believe promotional merchandise
increases awareness
83% of people purchased
from a company that gave them a promotional gift
79% of people feel
appreciated when receiving
a promotional gift


Merchandise is emotive – it elicits a response. When you match the right campaign to the perfect product, the relevance of your brand surges.


The majority of people can recollect receiving a piece of branded merchandise. You can probably remember a few occasions yourself. It could come from a magazine, a sporting event or even as part of a purchase. Whatever the case, there is an increased likelihood that the additional gift cemented the brand to memory. 


Crucially, promotional merchandise has a much lower cost per impression than traditional advertising, including television, radio, newspaper and magazine ads. So no matter how small your budget, you can make a big impact.

The most product impressions in London:



In marketing terms, the definition of an impression would be the number of times a piece of advertising has been viewed. We can help you increase the number of overall impressions you gain by supplying quality and sustainable products that surprise and delight your audience.


Take a good quality umbrella as an example...



Being Brand Happy means taking pride in the products you send and having complete confidence in your suppliers. The more confident you are in your output, the more impressed your recipients will be. Bold, impactful products are a brilliant representation of your business. 


AD Merchandise can help you create a variety of promotional products that bear your logo proudly with magnificent printing and placement. Let us portray what makes you special, and discover for yourself how merchandise can improve your bottom line.

Promotional Products

make almost


recipients feel appreciated
than the mediums of
Print, Web, Direct Mail & TV

We are an award-winning distributor for a reason: we believe in our products. We work globally with clients of all sizes, offering promotional products that are bound to achieve ‘double-takes’. Contact our team today on 0161 848 9800 and find out how we can make you “Brand Happy”.

Data source: British Promotional Merchandise Association (Research conducted in 2013, 2015 and 2018), ASI (2014)

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