Uniform isn’t just for school - Here’s why

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

You can always count on seeing three things at the start of September. A little more rain. A little more traffic. And a lot more parents pulling reluctant children around clothing stores.

It’s the month where the kids head back to school, which means uniforms are in high demand. But this time of year isn’t purely relevant for parents. As a business owner, you ought to embrace the spirit of uniform shopping season too.

Uniforms aren’t just for schools – dressing up your team can make a huge difference to the overall public perception of your business. Here, we highlight a few reasons why it’s worth investing in specially made attire for your staff.

Out-of-work brand awareness

Ordinarily, when employees step out of the door once the day is done, they merge into the rest of the rush-hour crowd and become just another smartly dressed commuter. However, when your team are clad from head-to-toe in branded clothing, they carry the company name with them all the way home.

Corporate branded clothing is one of the best advertisements for your brand. By seeing staff on the regular commute, fellow travellers will become familiar with your company’s logos and colours – and your business will be the first that pops into their head whenever they need a related service or product. Essentially, it’s free advertising.

Permanent professionalism

It’s a striking sight for any visitor when they walk into a workplace and see people dressed in uniform. These offices appear undeniably professional, and everyone looks the part – it’s hard not to be impressed.

This is just as pertinent in manufacturing sites. Uniforms keep your team looking good, but they also bring a fresh element of safety into the mix too. No matter where they might be, staff members are easily identifiable from a distance thanks to the distinct appearance of their clothing.

Raising profile at events

Wherever your brand goes, you’ll want to make sure the company stands out for all the right reasons. At expos and events, for example, you’ll find your stand is more distinctive if the team in charge are as impressively dressed as their surroundings.

When done correctly, branded clothing has a powerful effect on people. You’ll notice a discernible increase in footfall to your event stand when staff are wearing coherent and impactful uniforms.

Grab branded clothing today from AD Merchandise

School children might be protesting their September visits to buy fresh shirts and trousers, but buying uniform need not be anywhere near as troublesome for business owners. Working with AD Merchandise, you can create tailored clothing for your team with a brand logo proudly and professionally displayed.

We offer a wide array of clothing and headwear options, dealing with the best manufacturers for both fast turnaround orders and custom design clothing ranges, so you can be rest assured that the clothing and branding you receive will be of the highest quality.

Contact our team today on 0161 848 9800 and we’ll be happy to talk more about our fantastic promotional clothing and workwear options.

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