Replace Single-Use Plastics To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

David Attenborough’s magnificent Blue Planet II series left a lasting mark on our nation. Millions of viewers around the country watched as the cameras captured aquatic wildlife like we’ve never seen it before, but it was the final message that has really stayed with us.

If we continue as we are, Attenborough warned, our waters will be polluted to the point where there is nothing left within them. However, there’s hope yet. Something as simple as avoiding single-use plastics can change everything. 

Businesses, in particular, must demonstrate an acute awareness of their carbon footprint and how they are impacting the environment. There are a number of incredibly easy ways to replace single-use plastics and contribute to the wellbeing of planet Earth. At AD Merchandise, we’ve been getting on board. Here’s how…

A greener morning brew 

Those standard plastic vending machine coffee cups aren’t just boring to look at, they’re also incredibly wasteful. So why not switch to bamboo coffee mugs instead? These stylish alternatives are much easier on the eye and are reusable – meaning your staff can sip out of the same cups over and over again, without the unnecessary waste.

With International Coastal Cleanup Day on 15th September and World Coffee Day on 1st October, there’s no better time to embrace these drinking mugs – and you can purchase some today by getting in touch with the AD Merchandise team. 

Top-up drinks bottles

Plastic water bottles are everywhere. We pick them up on the morning commute, grab one from the fridge as part of our lunchtime meal deal, and occasionally buy another in the evenings to freshen up on the way home. The problem is, we have a habit of simply throwing these bottles away when we’re done with them – and this isn’t good for a greener Earth.

That’s why we’re producing our very own recyclable, refillable water bottles here at AD Merchandise – taking up the fight against single-use plastics. Each is imprinted with our distinctive brand logo, offering staff the chance to carry water (and our company name) wherever they go. Perhaps it’s time you got some for your own business?

Turn eco-friendly with the help of AD Merchandise

We’re proud of our ability to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and preserve the health and beauty of the world around us. Single-use plastics are some of the most harmful materials, and by swapping to reusable or recyclable alternatives, you can play a huge role in the fight against pollution. 

We have a variety of eco-friendly products available at AD Merchandise, including environmental stationery, bags, pens and notepads as well as coffee cups and drinks bottles.

Check out our product range today, or get in touch with our team on 0161 848 9800 or for more information.

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