Celebrate National Stationery Week!

World Stationery Day officially takes place on 1st May, but there’s a whole week’s worth of writing-related revelries kicking off from 29th April.

So, what better time of the year to get rid of those plain, boring pads, pens and pencils and upgrade your writing instruments with branded stationery.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few ideas on how you can get into the spirit of National Stationery Week, while ensuring your brand is seen by a wider audience in the process…

Start #nationalstationeryweek with some sticky notes…

First thing’s first – order some high-quality sticky notes and/or memo pad sets.

Not only are these in high demand in the modern office but they’re also terrific surfaces on which to easily display your brand logo.

Essential ingredients in any brainstorming session, branded pads and sticky notes will keep the message of your company alive as you host workshops and interactive meetings with both clients and customers.

Pick up some pens…

You don’t just want any old pen sporting your company logo. After all, it’s National Stationery Week. It’s time to roll out the big guns: the classy clicktops with style, panache and a quality tip for comfy, confident scrawling.

The Senator Liberty Ballpen, for example, exudes class and writes 16x longer than a Chinese import equivalent, whilst the Bic 4 Colours Ballpen is the perfect choice for any retro firm with a sense of nostalgia built into their brand image.

Another contender is the Cross ATX Ballpen – which comes with a lifetime mechanical guarantee, eye-catching casing and super-attractive lettering. If it’s elegance you’re searching for, this is the pen for you...

Nab yourself some notebooks

A branded notebook can ensure your brand message lives on – and they’re easy to take with you wherever you go!

The A5 Mole Notebook is one of the strongest candidates – offering huge amounts of space to doodle, a wide variety of colours to choose from, and plenty of branding options.

A rear pocket is also attached, ideal for storing business cards and branded pens.

Need help getting ready for National Stationery Week?

Our product catalogue here at AD Merchandise is bursting with fantastic branded stationery. To get your hands on the most suitable items before the big day arrives, simply get in touch with our team now.

Promotional merchandise can make a huge difference to your visibility as a business – even leading to bigger sales in the long-run. So, this year embrace the vibe of National Stationery Week and pick up some branded products from AD Merchandise today.

Contact our team on 0161 848 9800 or via email at hello@admerchandise.co.uk. We’ll be delighted to help in any way we can.

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