Hygiene Hook Keyring

With the UK Government now encouraging employees who can't work from home to return back to work wherever possible, now is the time to start planning your business strategy to ensure your colleagues remain safe and protected in the workplace.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is a key part of your strategy, and AD Merchandise can help you in this area, but there are also a whole range of other product solutions that can work in combination with disposable gloves, face masks, aprons and hand sanitisers to strengthen your protection against surface infections.

The Hygiene Hook Keyring is one such solution. Use it to pull, push, point and twist where you would normally use your hand. Perfect for when you're out and about, shopping and in communal areas such as office lifts and public toilets.

It's also brandable in up to full-colour (on both sides if you wish, at additional cost). If you'd like a sample, please contact the team and we'll send you one to try out.

Ask us for other product ideas to help you return to work!

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