The 5 Best Products For New Company Starters

Q4 is upon us and for many companies across the UK, it’s crunch time.

Q4 is when the real money is often made, and to maximise your income during this period, you need manpower. It’s no surprise then, that recruitment soars at the start of September.

The leading businesses know that getting new starters settled in quickly is key – and branded merchandise can go a long way to making a strange office feel like home. Take Google, for example, who hand out Noogler hats to newbies in their first week. Here are some of the top products that can help your new staff to embrace your company culture immediately.

1. Drinkware: Tutti Frutti Bottle

There’s a chance your new starter may have already seen a Tutti Frutti bottle – the fruit-infused drinks container used by Love Island contestants. But whilst ITV’s reality show is the definition of marmite television, this bottle is guaranteed to prove popular.

Having a 740ml refillable bottle on their desk will encourage new employees to get plenty of water throughout the day – helping them stay energised and healthy. Plus, it’s available in a variety of different colours.

2. Confectionery: Money Tin With Mint Imperials

If you want to treat your new starter to a truly refreshing welcome gift that will soothe any nerves, a branded confectionery container ought to do the trick. After all, who wouldn’t love a tin of personalised mints?

This sweet desk item can even be designed with key messages and company values, whilst also doubling as a loose change storage unit that will come in handy for any office collections.

3. Apparel: Softshell Jacket

Carrying a thick coat on the commute is a daily dilemma for Brits, but we never know what the weather is going to throw at us.

Your new starters will instantly look smart and professional when you provide them with a good quality Softshell Jacket. A versatile garment designed for almost any climate, it offers comfort and maximum exposure for your company all year round!

4. Desk Item: Glow Desk

Modern workers need their mobiles. Whilst most tasks are completed on company computers, staff are still expected to confer with clients via email on-the-go and WhatsApp their fellow workers about projects.

With the Glow Desk, there’s never any danger of missing an important call due to a dead battery. This wireless charging unit is fitted with a mobile stand and pen holder – illuminating your company logo when in use.

5. Stationery: Life Planner

Every new starter faces a flood of information within seconds of stepping through the door. From remembering names to getting to grips with a big task list, it can be hugely overwhelming. Help them stay organised with their very own notebook.

We wouldn’t recommend any old notebook, we recommend The Life Planner. Packed into its 80 perforated lined pages are a calendar block, contents page, meeting section (where you can easily record attendees, key points and actions) and a planning section (for to-do lists).

Now all your starter needs is the perfect pen to get scribbling. And we have plenty to choose from at AD Merchandise

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