How To Bring Your Brand With You Wherever You Go

How to differentiate your brand from the competition by using promotional products.

A brand’s digital presence shapes opinions. After hearing the name of a business, we immediately navigate to their website to take a closer look and learn what they’re all about. But the internet is a big place. Companies can get lost amongst thousands of others – and with so much online competition, it’s a big ask to achieve digital differentiation.

Indeed, whilst getting found (and heard) online is important, it’s not the only way to get your name out there. An array of branded products is the ace in the pack when it comes to standing out – giving your business a refreshing sense of charm that people won’t forget. With merchandise, you can bring your brand on the road with you. Let us explain…

Carry your brand on your back

Lugging around your laptop doesn’t have to be a chore. With a branded bag, you’re permanently carting your company name around with you. Ultimately, you’ll be a walking advertisement for your brand wherever you travel.

The write way to advertise

Pens are still as important as ever; you can’t get through life without scribbling things down. That’s why promotional stationery is such a fantastic advert for your brand. Etching your company name and contact details into the side of a handsome pen allows you to tap into an everyday activity. Anytime somebody (inevitably) asks to borrow a pen, you can simply hand over your ballpoint and tell them to keep it.

Branded brews

Did you know you can actually advertise to people whilst sipping away on your morning coffee? Whether it’s on the commute or at an early meeting, a beautifully branded coffee flask or drinks container can catch the eye of a potential customer – especially when everyone else is slurping from coffee chain cups.

Sellin’ in the rain

Next time the heavens open, don’t run for cover. Calmly pop open your branded umbrella and catch the eye of passers-by. Plain, boring brollies are ten a penny, so when you stride through the streets with a branded personal canopy, you’re guaranteed to turn a few heads en route.

Get your branded products from AD Merchandise today

At AD Merchandise, you can buy all of the above and much, much more. With our comprehensive range of branded items, you can easily find the perfect tool to advertise your company on the go. We’ll work closely with you to create products that reflect the exact look and feel of your brand values.

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